Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish website – glad you’ve found it 🙂

The site took some time to be populated and developed (I’ve been too busy on the cars to give the site much attention before), so there may be inadvertent errors, omissions, typo’s etc.   Please let me know (by email, or by comment at the foot of this page) and I will correct ASAP.

Regards – David
Aug 2017

10 comments on Hello world!

  1. Hi Dave,
    Love the website.
    We’ve just put our Vanquish in storage but I’m itching to get into it again.
    Both mechanically and driving it!
    Will pick your brains regarding brake upgrades

  2. Fascinating, informative and very helpful website, David.
    The only typo I immediately noticed was the word ‘omission’ in the May 10 2016 post above!
    Cheers, Martin

  3. Hallo David,
    I have just spoken with you about oure Vanquish.
    Thanks for the info.
    Please let me know if you can supplied also parts etc
    Thanks again
    {personal details removed}

  4. Hi David,
    I’m very interested in your Brake improvements. My car is in the UK, but I’m in the USA most of the time. I will contact you prior to my next visit.

  5. I will be very happy to discuss your requirements when you come over – sure we can make a difference and save you some money.

    1. I wont be there this year Tom but I am around so if you want to get together then please do let me know and we can organise something.

      1. David:

        Many thanks for supplying your brake upgrade kit for my 2005 Vanquish ‘S’.

        Now that I’ve had an opportunity to put a few miles on the car after the winter hibernation, I can confirm that your brakes completely eliminate the very annoying clacking noise of the factory bobbins.

        The brakes work well and your support through the supply, shipping and installation process was second to none. Well done, sir.

        Tom Appleton
        Oakville, Ontario

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