Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Suspension.

The suspension on the Vanquish is derived from systems also used on Jaguars. Unfortunately it is operating at the limits of its intended operating window and subsequently suffers from early failure. Restricted use of the cars also encourages the perishable rubber gaiters to degrade and crack with the result that many low mileage cars also suffer from potential MoT failure issues with wishbone bearings and perished rubbers.

The Vanquish can also suffer from front-end suspension rattles and clonks over even relatively smooth roads.  This is often caused by worn anti roll-bar bushes and links which are easily replaced and a very reasonable cost. Upgrading the dampers to Vanquish ‘S’ specification provides a big improvement in the handling on early cars.

Old and New Subframes Aston Martin chassis subframes
Old and New Subframes

David has undertaken several major front and rear suspension rebuilds, including the removal and rebuild/rebushing of the rear subframe in order to provide improved handling and a quieter and more compliant ride, giving the Vanquish a more sporting feel, whist reinforcing its reputation as a fantastic comfortable cross-country GT.

Chassis Corrosion prevention


Corrosion shouldn’t theoretically be an issue with a car that is predominantly
made of aluminium, but there are some important areas to be aware of.


The first problem is the undertray fixings which are all mild steel and corrode into their mounting studs. David replaces all non-stressed fixings with stainless steel, isolated by aircraft grade assembly paste where appropriate, to reduce rust induced corrosion issues and ensure future disassembly is a simple process.

The next area is the substantial steel subframes that support the engine and front suspension, and the entire rear suspension. Both of these are subject to rusting, particularly the front subframe which can be an unseen MoT failure hidden behind the undertray. David can offer preventative measures to avoid problems in the first instance with additional drainage in the undertray. If matters have progressed to the point where repair of rust damage is essential then an in-situ solution to repair the subframe, is available for repair of the most commonly corroded areas, avoiding the need to purchase a new subframe at a cost of over £5K +VAT from Aston Martin. Extensive rust may require removal of the subframe which can, subject to the overall condition, then be repaired off the vehicle.

David is also offering a replacement rear subframe service on an exchange basis. The replacement subframe is fully powder coated and rebushed and supplied complete with a powder coated rear roll bar. During this process all the accessible fixings in the main tub will be replaced by stainless steel isolated from the aluminium tub by aircraft grade assembly paste where appropriate.

The rear subframe mounting plates also hide a major corrosion hotspot that can penetrate the structural areas of the aluminium tub. Prevention of this problem is provided by using an aircraft grade insulating plastic tape and isolation assembly paste to isolate the dissimilar metals preventing the electrolytic action that causes the corrosion. A similar solution is available for the front subframe mounting points and for the notorious corrosion areas behind the rear wheel arch liner mounting brackets.


The type of corrosion that needs to be prevented