Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Parts

From our experience in dealing with the emerging issues affecting these fabulous cars we have had various parts remanufactured to the highest standards to remedy these issues. The list will grow as we get more parts manufactured and the following are the current range available.

Valved Exhaust System (New)

We have now completed the testing of our new exhaust system which is a fully valved replacement system from the catalytic converters to the back of the car.  The system provides a slightly enhance sound with the valves open, but still allows you to avoid annoying the neighbours – or continental noise limits – if you wish to. The whole system is fully heat managed using the latest high efficiency heat management shielding which means that the existing insulating blankets can be removed.  We can supply the intermediate straight pipes independently of the rest of the system if necessary as these are now failing on many Vanquishes and our pipes will fit directly to the existing OEM rear system.
The photos show the heat management which on production versions extends all the way to rear silencers.  Pictures of the full system as fitted to my car show the prototype during checks for fitting which uses all the standard OEM fitting points, so no modification is required.

Prototype Exhaust (without heat management coverings)

Exhaust Insulation Blankets (New)

We have remanufactured all the versions of the exhaust insulation blankets for standard Vanquish systems which can be fitted without dismantling the exhaust system (unlike the AM method!).  The original blankets are held together with poppers that rust and break and nearly every one we have seen have been badly deteriorated.  These perform an important function to protect the rear of the tub and rear suspension components from heat damage and also help keep the differential cool.  We can sell these as a full set or individually if required


Remanufactured using the highest quality AP racing discs and aircraft grade aluminium bells.  See our brake page for full details and specification

Discs are available for all models of Vanquish and Vanquish ‘S’ with either champagne or black anodised bells.  If you require discs for a Vanquish SDP please ensure that you that you advise us as these have specific requirements

Anodised Aluminium Wheel Arch Brackets

These remove the risk of galvanic corrosion potentially causing severe damage to the tub completely.  Made from pressed 3mm aluminium these are almost indistinguishable from beneath the car to maintain an original appearance. Can be supplied with two options for mounting the rear wheel arch liner either inside or outside the bracket.

v12Vanquish brackets

Front Water Manifolds

A great many cars, particularly those doing limited mileage do not have the coolant changed regularly.  This results in severe corrosion to the water pipes which in original form are painted mild steel.  We have had new pipes made in top grade stainless steel, with the original brackets welding patterns and powder coated black so that they are almost identical to the original items but will not rust and will prevent leakage arising from corrosion of the pipes. These are available at a fraction of the price of new original items from Aston Martin.

v12Vanquish water pipes

Thermostat Housing Stub Pipes

The same corrosion issues also affect the stub pipes from the thermostat housing to the header tank and heater.   We can offer replacement stubs for self-fitting or can fit these to your existing housing for you.

Rear Axle Units

The differentials on Vanquishes are a unique fitment initially made in Australia for which many parts are no longer available.  They are also notoriously difficult to take apart due to galvanic corrosion issues on the bearing caps which in most cases simply do not come out without damage and for which there were no replacements rendering the differential useless.

v12Vanquish Differencial

We have now had these caps reverse engineered to aerospace standards enabling us to have the differentials rebuilt and set-up with new bearings, seals and o-rings.  We believe we are the only supplier currently able to offer these bearing caps to enable these units to be fully rebuilt.

Rear Subframe

Rear subframes are available on an exchange basis. Exchange units are fully reconditioned, re-jigged to ensure straightness, fully metal sprayed and powder coated with a full set of new bushes

A full fitting service for all the above is also available

Stainless Steel Bolt Kit

A full kit to replace all non-structural fastenings for the underneath of the car and all wheel arches is supplied ready to equip your car with fastenings that won’t rust and which can be easily removed for future service work. There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to remove a rusted bolt or to look at rusty screws when you could have a shiny stainless one.  The kit is compartmentalised with a guide as to which fasteners go where.

For prices on all the above please contact us.