Parts Update – 2022 after lockdown

We are pleased to announce a number of new parts.
We have now completed the testing of our new exhaust system which is a fully valved replacement system from the catalytic converters to the back of the car.
We have also re-manufactured all versions of the exhaust insulation blankets for standard Vanquish systems which can be fitted without dismantling the exhaust system (unlike the AM method!).
More info on our parts page. And these items are now in-stock.

And we have full AMDS capability (Aston Martin Diagnostic System) and have successfully fixed problems and can repair PTECs (Power Train Electronic Control) for an inherent problem affecting many cars that cause the cars to run on only 6 cylinders.
There is also a whole range of remanufactured and improved plastic underbonnet parts and tweeter covers at sensible prices, and brake upgrades now also apply to all SDP variants of the VQ top.

More on the above news … when someone gets time to type it.